Working as a virtual assistant can’t be any more actual and visible during the corona virus. When I told people before about my proffesion I usually got blank stares a lot, followed by… virtual assistant what’s that?! But since a couple of weeks no explanation needed, which is nice and will be a great boost for the virtual assistant community!

the virtual community

And a community we are, there are so many different people working in the industry these days. It can be very convenient in combining a family while working as a virtual assistant. Especially when the kids are young and aren’t into school yet. Remote working has a lot of benefits, it also gives a lot of freedom and location indepency if you like that lifesyle.


Speaking for myself I like to travel a lot and being stuck in an office job gives you limited oppertunities. For instance, I will be moving to Panama to get even more tax benefits out of my virtual assistant lifestyle. Which now is postponed to next year due to the current situation, but the plan is still on! If you’re interested in my adventures please take a look at my other website Nomad in Panama here.


In short being a virtual assistant gives you the oppertunity to live your life on your own terms. Not depending on a location, a boss or stuck in a career you don’t like for the rest of your working life.

On this blog I will be writing articles about working as a virtual assistants. As well as hoping to answer questions like what it is virtual assistants do, and can do for clients, who I like to work with etc. Like I said the concept of working remote has gotten much more famous over the past couple of weeks, that will make my job writing about it so much easier!